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From local to global – advocating for human rights in Nigeria

Episode Summary

From the most basic right to life to the more complex right to Internet access, our esteemed guest alumna, Eseohe Ojo, talks with us about her continuous advocacy to guarantee Human Rights in today’s world and the role of international policy as an important ally. Through this conversation, as she explores the current Covid-19 pandemic and social movements such as Black Lives Matter, she strongly believes that access to information is one of our biggest challenges.

Episode Notes

CBIE wishes to recognize that it is located on the traditional and unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinabé. CBIE acknowledges and pays tribute to all Indigenous peoples who live either in the Ottawa region or elsewhere in Canada and beyond, honouring their courageous leaders of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

This episode was conducted by CBIE’s Beatriz Ela Ebang and was made possible thanks to funding from the Government of Canada, through Global Affairs Canada, and the Mastercard Foundation, as well as the wonderful participation of our ALT alumni.

Eseohe Ojo

Eseohe Ojo is a human rights advocate, communications specialist, and policy professional. She holds a BSc in International Relations from Lead City University, Nigeria and a Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA) from the University of British Columbia where she studied as an African Leader of Tomorrow (ALT) Scholar and R. Howard Webster Foundation Fellow. Her work focuses on policy, advocacy and communications around gender, youth inclusion, and human rights, particularly freedom of expression, access to information, digital rights and Internet freedoms. She also works on platform governance, technology policy, civic engagement, transparency, open government, democracy and other good governance issues globally and on the African continent.